1.How we implement CLIL

The CLIL approach became a vision of the Business Academy in Nitra some years ago. We spent much time searching for ways of its implementation. It seemed to be impossible due to missing foreign language skills of teachers. We took a chance that has been offered by the Erasmus+ programme. Grants allow us to organize internal English courses for VET teachers, the other teachers can attend courses lead by our language teachers as well. These are supplemented with fantastic foreign structured courses focused on methodology, innovations, etc.

The experience lived in 2019 in Slovenia and Slovakia taught us a lot: in fact we learned how to relate to people we didn’t know and that didn’t speak our language.

We were hosted for a day by local families,sharing our daily life and exchanging the traditions of the respective countries. We understood the meaning of doing business trough the International fair in Slovakia.

These memories will remain etiche in our mind forever and certainly it was an experience that made us grow in the world of work.

In our school, only two teachers who are specialized in the CLIL methodology actually use it. One of the teachers taking part in the "Clil in vet" project created a simulated firm, which consists of the implementation of some of the CLIL tools and guidance of the students towards a better understanding of the various steps. However, the application of this methodology is particularly problematical due to remote learning. Many students are now gaining work experience through online platforms of companies. For instance, students involved in the Clil in Vet project, are participating in the construction of two simulated organizations:

In our country, not using CLIL methodology and low foreign language proficiency were important handicaps for us. For this reason, we had some reservations before the project. However, among the common selection criteria of the project, it should be institutions that do not apply CLIL training. In this way, the project would have the opportunity to test them in different ways.