Multiplier Event 2

Multiplier Event 2

  1. Date: 23.07.2021
  2. Agenda:

- Opening session

- Erasmus+: Enriching Lives, Opening Minds

- Presentation of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project "CLIL in VET"

- CLIL, an approach …

Keynote Speaker: "The Importance of CLIL", Phil Ball (by ZOOM, synchronous)

- Training Firm, a methodology …

- Presentation of the Intellectual Output: International Curriculum for the subject "Training Firm"

-  Debate

  1. Description: 

Due to the pandemic not allowing large events, it was decided to make two Multiplier Events. An advantage of this division was that it allowed the events to be held in different locations and thus obtain greater coverage.

This event was organized in the city of Viseu, capital of the city where 21Knowledge is located. It took place in Hotel Príncipe Perfeito, one of the most emblematic hotels in the city. As it had the online participation, via ZOOM, of the project coordinator and other representatives of the partners - If it weren't for the pandemic, the partners would be in person, as this even because it took place the day after the LTTA in Portugal.

No registrations were opened for this event, but invitations were made to people who we consider key elements to know the results of this project. We surpassed in 7 the number of financed participantes (in the total of the two Multiplier Events we had 57 participants), but the participation of all was important. It should be noted that the participants were not only from Viseu, but from various regions of Portugal, such as Lisbon (300 km away), Aveiro (100 km away), Seia (40 km), Amarante (140 km), Fundão (120 km ) , etc.

The agenda describes the sequence in which the Multiplier Event was developed, which covered not only the curriculum output, but also promoted the other "smaller project outputs" as well as a complete portfolio of different teaching approaches, materials and experience.

Number of Participants: 38