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In our school, only two teachers who are specialized in the CLIL methodology actually use it. One of the teachers taking part in the "Clil in vet" project created a simulated firm, which consists of the implementation of some of the CLIL tools and guidance of the students towards a better understanding of the various steps. However, the application of this methodology is particularly problematical due to remote learning. Many students are now gaining work experience through online platforms of companies. For instance, students involved in the Clil in Vet project, are participating in the construction of two simulated organizations:


1) A tourist services company, which, in the future, may become a real company, through funding coming from Sicily.

2) In collaboration with the "Unicredit" Bank, a business game involving the construction of a business model canvas and a business plan (our students will compete against other students to find virtual financing for the respective company).

The Clil in vet project, like other Erasmus projects, enabled the participants to become familiar with online platforms, which have become essential in our daily life. Moreover, it also introduced the students to several practical activities, which perfectly simulate a workplace environment. This experience was very significant, because this model of simulated companies is not generally included in our school activities. However, the current situation limits teachers in the application of the CLIL methodology. Also, the inadequate language skills of many organizations limit the use of English in the workplace simulation projects.