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siovSIOV is a professional – methodological, pedagogical, advisory, co-coordinative, and educational institution of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. It is the only professional and pedagogical guarantor for the issues of vocational education and training for the whole network of secondary VET schools in the Slovak Republic, with extensive expertise in the field.

SIOV is a modern state institution, fulfilling its responsibilities for improving and streamlining education at secondary vocational education in secondary VET schools, covering various national and international school projects.

SIOV is working on raising the level of the teaching process, underpinned by the high level of pedagogues’ expertise, and contributes to the increasing of employment opportunities for young graduates of vocational schools.

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21Knowledge is a small enterprise created in 2016. Its skilled founder and CEO has worked for more than two decades in the field of education and has been involved in the Erasmus+ universe, namely as a coordinator of an Erasmus+ KA1 project awarded in 2016 in the category of Inspirational Project. With the motto "Learning for the 21st Century", this is a company of the present, without the handicaps of the past, where we provide tools to prepare European teachers for a future that happens today. 21Knowledge's mission is to work towards innovation having in mind a school of success.

21Knowledge's founder and collaborators have extensive experience in project management and in organization of training events, dissemination of results in social networks, etc.

21Knowledge has partnerships with universities, institutes, schools, scientific societies, other course providers, companies in the area of education, booksellers, etc.

21Knowledge develops most of its activity in the city of Porto, Portugal. Porto, also known as Oporto in English, is the second-largest city in Portugal after Lisbon. Located along the Douro river estuary in Northern Portugal, Porto is one of the oldest European centers, and its historical core was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. The western part of its urban area extends to the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Another of the places of choice for 21Knowledge activities, through the contact we have in the region, is the Madeira island. This island is turning into a platform that offers conditions for various international events. 21Knowledget has a protocol with the University of Madeira (cf. https://goo.gl/Vx6xBS) .

However, the large contact network in Europe and Africa (Luanda) allows 21Knowledge to operate outside of Portugal.

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The I.I.S. "IS. Majorana - General A. Cascino "or the High public school Majorana - A. Cascino ", comprises  inside the Technological school E.Majorana and the high schools Classic and Scientific " A. Cascino .

The school is the biggest of the province ofEnna in Sicily Italy .  with 1809 students and 144 teachers and 44 administrative people.

Common goal of the curriculum addresses the triennium is to define a professional that can fit into very different production companies and characterized by rapidly changing both from the technological point of view and from that of the working time. In The Technological school  There are five addresses: Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy Electrical and Electronics  IT and Telecommunications--Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnologies Computer.

We have the scientific Lyceum where the most important issues dealt with are Math and science and Classic with classical languages and subjects.


The High School seeks the following purposes:

To promote the study of classical languages and promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills in literature, historical - philosophical that allow the access to a heritage of civilization and traditions in which we recognize our roots.  Offer, for its global training, a wide horizon of choices for university studies.

The High School scientific seeks the following purposes:

Driving the student to acquire and develop a scientific mind, in particular through the study of mathematics with its languages and models, and sciences, with their method experimental;

Allow, thanks to the perfect balance between humanistic and scientific disciplines, a large horizon of choices for university studies


Its course of study has as main purpose that of training to the exercise of technical functions and administrative, as well as professions in the industrial and services sectors. The training courses are aimed at realizing professional profiles no longer and not just specialized and compartmental, but flexible and multi-purpose, more responsive to the demands of the labor market and the new territorial reality.

The study plan  has a five-year duration and is divided into a two-year unit and a three-year term address. At the end of the five-year period the student must take the exam to obtain the state diploma.

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Our school was founded as a vocational high school in K.Maraş in 1973. We have 1100 Students and 78 teachers. Our students are educated on accounting, Informatin Technology, Marketing, Office management and secretarial. Every year about 250 senior students of our school undergo training at work pleacements. The organizations they undergo training are:  accountants’ offices, factories (our city is one of most important textile districts of Turkey) banks, counting rooms of public organizations, companies about graphic desing, etc. Because of the fact that our school has been carrying out this training process for years, most of the administrators, managers and staff of the organizations stated above are the ones graduated from our school. We’re an organization providing qualified personnel to the private sector continuously.

Our students undergo training at work placements when they’re senior. 2 days in a week they are educated theoretically at school, then they put what they’ve learnt at school into practice at work placements during 3 days. This process continues for 8 months.

During their work placement training, a vocational teacher who is responsible for the students monitors them and evaluates their performance together with the instructor at work placement.

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panPublic institution Panevėžys vocational education and training centre was established in 2000 after reorganizing three schools (Panevėžys Polytechnical School, Panevėžys Agricultural School and Panevėžys Builders‘school). The shareholders of the centre are ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and Panevėžys chamber of commerce, crafts and Industry. Panevėžys vocational training centre is one of the biggest vocational training schools in North and East Lithuania. There is a wide spectrum of specialities teaught in the centre. The most popular specialities are builders‘, bricklayers‘– concrete workers‘, automotive mechanics‘, hairdressers‘, beauty specialists‘ and etc. There are about 1100 pupils studying at the centre. It is worth mentioning that the centre could offer not only vocational education and training but also vocational education together with secondary education.

All personnel of public institution Panevėžys vocational education and training centre constantly raise qualifications and renew knowledge in various seminars in Lithuania or abroad because they try to present the newest technical and technological knowledge, to present the contemporary technique. Public institution Panevėžys vocational education and training centre constantly tries to renew practical training facilities –new and modern sectorial training centre of construction was established. The newest equipment was purchased in these workshops and now it is used for different training activities for pupils from other vocational schools; in cooperation with labour market representatives the seminars and workshops are organized for employees of construction industry and of course our pupils study there.

The Centre at the end of October 2013 was provided the quality certificate which states that the centre meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (LST EN ISO 9001:2008).Public institution Panevėžys vocational education and training centre actively participates in various projects financed by EU programmes as executor or partner and gained experience uses for improving teaching quality. Centre has close cooperation with other vocational education and training schools in Lithuania as well as with labour market representatives. The Centre is a member of Panevėžys chamber of commerce, industry and crafts and actively participates in its activities.

The profession teachers (trainers) and the teachers of general subjects are eager to participate in the project activities. All our teachers are very qualified and are glad to present their knowledge to the pupils they teach. Centre’s teachers actively participate in preparation of new teaching materials for the pupils, are the authors and co-authors of the educational books and other training materials. The heads of vocational training departments often participate in the conferences and present their experience, share knowledge with the colleagues from other vocational schools.