Italy Articles 2

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The experience lived in 2019 in Slovenia and Slovakia taught us a lot: in fact we learned how to relate to people we didn’t know and that didn’t speak our language.

We were hosted for a day by local families,sharing our daily life and exchanging the traditions of the respective countries. We understood the meaning of doing business trough the International fair in Slovakia.

These memories will remain etiche in our mind forever and certainly it was an experience that made us grow in the world of work.


Kevin and Maria Teresa

The idea was born from the desire to make the most of the beauty of our territory to make them know to the world.  Starting from single images of some places,we were able to create four tours that included the most beautiful and characteristic places of our region.

These tours are designed to satisfy the preferences of travelers belonging to all ages. In addition, we created business cards and brochures to better present our company and clarify the products we had to offer.

Also for more informations on how the tourism world works,we interviewed the tourism councilor of our city,Piazza Armerina.

Ornella and Sharon