Altinsehir Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi - Turkey

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Our school was founded as a vocational high school in K.Maraş in 1973. We have 1100 Students and 78 teachers. Our students are educated on accounting, Informatin Technology, Marketing, Office management and secretarial. Every year about 250 senior students of our school undergo training at work pleacements. The organizations they undergo training are:  accountants’ offices, factories (our city is one of most important textile districts of Turkey) banks, counting rooms of public organizations, companies about graphic desing, etc. Because of the fact that our school has been carrying out this training process for years, most of the administrators, managers and staff of the organizations stated above are the ones graduated from our school. We’re an organization providing qualified personnel to the private sector continuously.

Our students undergo training at work placements when they’re senior. 2 days in a week they are educated theoretically at school, then they put what they’ve learnt at school into practice at work placements during 3 days. This process continues for 8 months.

During their work placement training, a vocational teacher who is responsible for the students monitors them and evaluates their performance together with the instructor at work placement.