Solski center Srecka Kosovela Sezana (Sc Sezana) – Slovenia

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Logo SCSThe school center Srečko Kosovel Sežana which was founded in 1975 has two organizational units: secondary school (grammar school, economic and art technical school - 15-18 year’s students) and higher  vocational  school (photography and material design 19-21 year’s students). We have 400 secondary students and 75 students at tertiary level (short cycle program) with 40 teachers and 15 professors at tertiary level and 5 staff members.

The School center participates in many national and international projects and cooperates with the local environment. (The Sežana community, the Chamber of craft and small business, The cultural institution, The regional development agency, The sports, free time and tourism agency, The Unesco heritage Škocjan caves and many local firms). Our aim is to become an important partner of the development in our local environment and to become more and more recognized nationally and also internationally.

All our projects are designed to bring added value to our organization but also to our partners. So we participate in international projects and we build a strategic partnership locally and internationally since 2004. We started to build the REGIONAL CROSS-BORDER partnership with institutions from Italy (the Italian school and the Slovene minority school from Triest) and Slovenia (our school and the Italian minority school from Izola). The projects Interreg Phare CBC; Transnational integration school-work Slovenia –Italy, The fair without borders (International projects-Skriti zaklad), Knowledge without borders (International projects-Skriti zaklad), Learning for the profession in EU (International projects-Skriti zaklad) were designed to strengthen the bonds between minorities and to develop the unified environment for study and work from both sides of the border and to prepare Slovenia for the EU market.

The great support of our COMMUNITY inspired the development of projects with schools from places bonded with our community. So we started to collaborate with the school from Pardubice (the twin city with Sežana). The collaboration brought in some great Leonardo mobility projects. Both projects with our school as a leading partner (Together we ride–the comparison between two important stud farms Lipizza and Kladruby ab Labem and The comparison of marketing opportunities of the Slovenian and Moravian Karst) were awarded with the highest price of our national agency (Zlato jabolko kakovosti). They had a STRONG LOCAL PARTNERSHIP and a big impact in our local environment. We hosted the SOŠ CR Pardubice school in many Leonardo projects and we encouraged our local partners to become the applicants of Leonardo da Vinci VET PRO and PLM projects.

As a school with a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and creativity we started to develop PILOT PROJECTS that we transferred and implemented with former Yugoslavia countries. The projects Festival Doss, Creativity has no borders, Creativity as the intercultural dialogue were designed to promote entrepreneurship and creativity and to build the intercultural dialogue between Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia and  Albania.

We also play a small role in two big European interregional projects Extralarge and Meditera-The implementation of entrepreneurship way of life.